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2012-01-04 10:24 pm

Random talks

And guess who is the happy fangirl who found a treasure few days ago....

This is just one of those WONDERFUL musical played by Shonentai: Playzone 2003 - Vacation. I finally found the DVD ♥♥♥

I just wish this would be subbed ~~~
Whatsoever, I'm just SO glad I got it !!!
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2011-11-30 06:09 pm
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[GAME] V6 songs in Drama Memory

Here is a game I made but was never used...
Game is easy: There are 10 beginnings of songs, you have to find which drama they were used for.
All songs are V6 related.
Rules: You can play it twice but you can't pause it. Once you have played it twice, you write down the name of the drama in right order (as you remember them).
Un petit jeu de mémoire. 10 débuts de chansons en rapport avec V6, vous devez trouver les dramas pour lesquels ces chansons ont été utilisées. Règles: vous ne devez pas mettre le lecteur sur pause. Vous avez le droit de le passer 2 fois. Après les 2 écoutes, vous écrivez les titres des 10 dramas dans l'ordre (comme vous vous en rappelez).

In case link doesn'twork, you can go here
Try to play fair XDDD Soyez bon joueurs ^^

I screened comments so you won't be tempted to look at other answers
Les commentaires sont cachés pour que vous ne soyiez pas tentés de copier sur les autres ^^
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2011-11-30 12:53 am
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[Harry Potter] Help my friend

My friends would like to compete for her house
Would you be so nice as to vote for her? you can vote 3 times

Thank you!

Si vous voulez bien voter pour la maison d'une amie, vous pouvez voter 3 fois sur le lien suivant: VOTEZ ICI

Merci à tous ceux qui veulent bien participer!
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2011-10-28 08:42 pm

南極大陸~神の領域に挑んだ男と犬の物語~ - Nankyoku Tairiku

I started to watch this drama 2 days ago... and it's just a WONDERFUL DRAMA.
Cast, story, making of this drama are just excellent.
Plus, I cherish this story since it reminds me 1st time I went to Japan: When I went to visit Tokyo Tower, I stopped in front of a statue representing a pack of dogs.

A man (that kind of guy who's there to give tourists a tour) approached me and offered to tell me the story of those dogs, if I had time to spare to listen to him. I listened carefully to this wonderful and so moving story: in the late 50's, an expedition to Antartica had to abandon their sled dogs due to bad weather, they had to force their way back to Japan. More than 1 year later, when the next expedition managed to reach Anartica coasts again, with no hope for the dogs, they discovered 2 of them had survived! (ok, that's the very short version of what that man told me)
The statue comemores those dogs.
Here is theme song of the drama:

credit: the person who posted it on dailymotion
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2011-09-10 11:06 pm
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2011-08-18 04:21 pm
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Just to say that yesterday I received a PM that made my day!!!!!
Too happy about it.... I hope everything will go smoothly ^^
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2011-08-01 10:17 pm


I'm looking for V6 concert ticket. Either Kobe or Tokyo concert (any day).

If any of you know someone who is willing to sell one, please keep me advised.

Some of my friends tried like mad to find some via Lawson, but couldn't get any....Thank you girls!
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2011-05-29 02:12 pm
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[meme] V6: '30-Days' Challenge: Day 28 - A favorite Variety show moment

There are so many moments when they are fun, cute, handsome.......

Since I didn't put this one before, I'll pick a perf:
collaborations are great )
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2011-05-28 02:39 pm
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[meme] V6: '30-Days' Challenge: Day 27 - Favorite live performance

I can't tell it's my favorite, but it came to my mind while I was thinking about a perf..

Old old one, there xD

Afureru odoro~~~ )
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2011-05-27 11:39 pm
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[meme] V6: '30-Days' Challenge: Day 26 - Favorite concert DVD

The first one I watched, the one I advise my friends to watch, the wonderful

VOYAGER ~ Boku to Bokura no Ashita e (2007)

My second favorite would be Ready?
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2011-05-25 09:49 pm
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[meme] V6: '30-Days' Challenge: Day 24 - A Sakamoto picture you can’t take your eyes off

There are many many Sakamoto's pictures I love.
But when I saw that one on Js shop, I just stopped in front of it:

so natural )
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2011-05-23 03:39 pm
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[meme] V6: '30-Days' Challenge: Day 22 - Favorite concert moment

There are many many moments in concert I love.... (that's why I've watched them so many times....)

First moment that came in my mind was photo session during 2008-Vibes: )
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2011-05-22 03:19 pm
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[meme] V6: '30-Days' Challenge: Day 21 - A picture of your V6 Stuff

Guess what.... it didn't fit in one picture....
I hope I didn't forget anything:

welcome to my world )
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2011-05-21 01:27 pm
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[meme] V6: '30-Days' Challenge: Day 20 - A fanwork (made by you or others)

It wasn't done by myself...nd I aologize to his/her author because I don't remember who made it, and I can't properly credit him/her (If you recognize your work, please tell me so I can credit you.

I also wish Megavideao upload my files....sorry, only MU for this one ^^

EDIT: MV finally worked
Megavideo worked )
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2011-05-19 08:05 pm
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[meme] V6: '30-Days' Challenge: Day 18 - Fave OTP moment

I don't have OTP, but I like:
- GoKen plotting and having fun
- Ken & Inocchi ...baka kyoudai
- Okada making fun of Sakamoto... Masa taking revenge ( Way of life photography session)
Papa Masa & Mama Nagano... especially during trip filming, when they're all in a car, Sakamoto driving, Nagano on the passenger seat
- I love how they 'work' in pair in SABU movies
- Go & Ken in the drama 'Chef'...they appear few seconds at each episode, but you can't dissociate one to the other-
- Ken & Masa for their duet Koi to Dangan

PS: thank you V6bes for translating that making of )