May. 13th, 2011

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Got this from [ profile] didihime

Comment to this post, and I will list five things I associate with you. They might make sense or they might be totally random. Then post that list, with your commentary, to your LJ (or just add a reply back at me). Other people (including me~) can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself.

These are the five things she associated with me:

1. V6
2. Arashi
3. Work
4. France
5. CD collection

1. V6 ♥♥♥♥♥♥
My favorite band. I love them all, I love their performance, I love their TV show....I started to hear about them in 2008 when a friend of mine lent me her copy of "Voyager" DVD. I remember her telling me "you should try this, I think you'll like it". Thank you [ profile] melianek, you made me discover a wonderful world ^^. I wish I can go and see one of their concert one day.

2. Arashi ♥♥♥♥♥
First Johnny's Entertainment band I discovered back in....I don't remember XD. They come second right after V6. They are fun, their performance are great (not as much as V6....there, I may not be objective). I never saw their concert irl, but when I went to Japan last year with [Bad username or site: |siria| @], we went to Nagoya Dome to buy goodies (impossible to find tickets).

What I like most about V6 and Arashi is their fans: they are nice people, always willing to help...
I don't think I talk much about my work on LJ.....or I didn't realize that xD. I like my work. For real, I think it's interesting, even if it puts yourself under huge stress sometimes. Because of my work, I had to take extra english lessons. And thanks to that, I'm able to understand it easily and to speak fluently (sorry for mistakes when I speak or write).

4. France
My country ^^
I love it. You can find so many different sceneries from mountain to ocean, and also valleys, sea.... each part of the country is totally different from any other. There are also many museum, a lot of historical sites, many things to visit. People are not always nice towards strangers, but when you come to know them, you often meet very nice and interesting people (if you meet mean guys, please disregard them....)

5. CD collection
Have I already told you I loved V6? I try to find all CD/DVD related to them (I haven't found all them yet...still working on it XD). In case you're interested, here is my collection (scroll down, you'll find it) for V6 media. I still miss some DVD and CD... I also have some Arashi album, single, photobooks, goods; some V6 goods (all my thanks to [Bad username or site: [info]ra1nee @], some SMAP Cd and CVD, Shonentai, T&T, Kinki Kids...
My aim is to find and buy all V6 media ^^


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